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Craig Manning


Songwriter, lyricist, composer, top-line writer. Craig offers a mix of songs coming from personal experience and understanding of life in the modern world. Craig combines his talents, knowledge and spiritual awareness with a worldly knack of storytelling to deliver a song that is just right for the moment. Please explore to your heart's content but be aware we are still under construction.

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As a songwriter, my songs are my product, so if you like something, and more importantly, want to use the song, either to record yourself, or to sync with a movie or advert, please get in touch.



Craig has been playing music for many years. Originally (briefly) classically trained Craig taught himself guitar, bass and drums. He has played (keyboards and guitar) in bands and groups most of his life, most recently as part of the acoustic harmony group Harmonix.

Craig has been writing songs for a number of years, and has had a few published and recorded. At the moment he is focusing on this area of music, writing for other artists, as well as sync and top-line opportunities.

Craig is focusing on three genres today, Country, Adult contemporary and Modern popular (including pop, R&B and dance)

Craig is a member of The Songwriting Academy.

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