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Collaborating with Japan

I've always enjoyed collaborating on music, though I really haven't done as much as I should have. A few years ago I was writing top-line lyrics for a guy in Japan. Yuki would send me the most detailed and intricate chord patterns and progressions, with an idea that was in his head, and I would try and come up with a melody and lyric that would suit his style.

I wasn't writing for myself, or for a joint project in this instance, I was writing for Yuki. His feel, his, emotion but my words and melody.

It worked pretty well and we wrote 5 or 6 songs together and then we lost touch. I wonder what happened to Yuki and to those songs. I still have the working sheets when I wrote - not as detailed as what I use now, but still some ideas of where I wanted to go, or where Yuki was heading with his music.

Stay well Yuki and keep rocking!

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